Delights by Mina

105 N. Charles Street
410.637.3637 Afro-European Charles Center
Delights by Mina

The contemporary African feel ambiance, service and cuisine remind you of West Africa in many ways. Try the soup kandje, or moroccan couscous.

It is worth trying an item you never heard of or are not used to seeing on your everyday menus. Chicken yassa is a great example, 48 hours marinated chicken in the lemon juice and Dijon mustard. A popular favorite is Mina's Jerk and is immediately clear why it is one of the top 10 world’s favorite foods.

"The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner with live music on the first Friday of every month, but the lunch buffet, available Thursday though Sunday, is an excellent value ($12 including a drink) and introduction to the menu. The buffet had plenty of familiar staples, such as rice and plantains—the latter exceedingly sweet and delicious—but the best flavors were unfamiliar Senegalese dishes. Among them was tiebou yap, a really flavorful savory jasmine rice with meat and corn, and chicken yassa, which was covered in a thick, sweet sauce made with lemon and onions." - Baltimore City Paper, 2015



Lunch/Dinner; Mon.-Fri., 8am-3pm; Sat.-Sun., 12-4pm; Dinner every first Fri. of the month 6pm-8pm

Kid Friendly

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